At 214 Lacrosse, we believe in providing all of our student athletes the opportunity to succeed. The 214 EDGE is the foundation of our club, and in order to help our players Excel, Develop, Grow and be Empowered, we have to tap into outside sources in order to make sure no student athlete is denied the chance at the once in a lifetime opportunities we can provide.

In order to be able make these events available to all, we have fundraising events throughout the year in order to be able to provide this support. These fundraisers are used to replenish the 214 Scholarship Fund which provides money for club fees, travel expenses, equipment, camps and clinics, as well as the money needed to bring in high level college coaches from around the country to add to their learning experience.

We thank you in advance for your support of 214 Lacrosse, and our commitment to enriching the future female leaders of tomorrow, today.

Details on future fundraising opportunities coming soon!